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    Post  theIRISHFRIDGE on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:25 pm

    (Not Done, I dont plan on finishing it)

    "Hey sweetie your dad should be home soon
    i know you cant wait to play baseball this afternoon
    so if you want you can go sit outside
    on the porch and wait for your father to arrive"

    So he sat there, on his porch waiting for his dad to arrive
    when a ice cream truck pulled up and the man yelled is there anything you want to buy
    he just sat there not knowing what to do
    when the man yelled out "i have ice cream and candy for you"
    with a smile on his face the boy started to run
    and as he approached the van the guy pulled out a gun
    put it to the little boys head and told him not say a word
    you should never approach a stranger is the last thing he heard

    His father showed up home and went right inside
    and asked his wife if he saw that weird van out side
    the wife said "NO", and asked were Johnny is
    the father said "i dont know could he have ran off with the other kids"
    so they waited 2 hours there son never came home
    so the mother finnally dialed 911 in the phone
    she explained that "hes only seven , and was sitting outside
    waiting for his father to arrrive
    home from work so they can play some ball
    no he doesnt answer any of my calls"

    By the time the police arrived everyone in the neiborhood knew
    everyone stopped by asking what they could do
    and one man mentioned the icecream truck parked outside
    and the blode haired driver inside
    He said the van sat there and there son ran up
    he couldn't see much more cause of the truck

    Breaking news,

    a lead, the little boy was kidnapped by a mysterious man
    who had blonde hair and drove an ice cream van

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