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    Post  theIRISHFRIDGE on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:29 pm

    (i was heartbroken when i wrote this)

    I have looked in the past for what I thought was real,
    I have wished for in the future that I would finally feel.
    What everyone has felt.

    And that is TRUE LOVE

    They say true love is something everyone will find,
    But I don’t believe it; I still can’t find the room in my mind.
    To place the thought of love.

    Love in my mind is a painful thing,
    Many people don’t know what true love will bring
    Especially lies and hatred,

    From day one you will need a truthful bond,
    To help you sore above and beyond,
    Any moment you will ever share,

    You will have to be honest and say how you feel,
    Just to show that your love is real,
    No matter how much it may hurt,

    But pain aint the only thing love can bring
    It can remind you of times when you used to sing,
    Outside in the pouring rain,

    Remember your child hood, and the thoughts in your mind,
    And how you used thrive for the best thing you can find,
    Well guess what, here it is,


    It’s the biggest thing out there, the best that there is,
    But do you have the guts to travel into the abyss,
    And dig deep to find it,

    And always REMEMBER

    It can be everlasting and open doors to new things,
    And will show you how to change someone’s feelings,
    From unloved to loved,

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