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    R.I.P David M. Flannery


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    R.I.P David M. Flannery Empty R.I.P David M. Flannery

    Post  theIRISHFRIDGE on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:30 pm

    Its been 6 years now uncle Dave i miss ya....

    I woke up, quarter past six
    ready for a new day
    got dressed and packed my shi*
    left without a thing to say

    i rode the bus from the corner store
    bigger, and older then the rest
    Knew i wouldnt get home till after Four
    i was hoping for the best

    I was hoping classes would soar
    and end so quick
    i wanted it to be four
    but nine oclock was so thick


    when two oclock rolled around
    i was passed out in class
    waitin for the sound
    of school bells and kids to clash

    I knew the main day was over
    and freedom was beginning to start
    Listen to Champange Super nova
    I began to depart

    I was stopped in the halls
    by someone i knew really well
    my stomach turned by her calls
    and the look on her face almost made me fall

    Tears rolled down her eyes
    her hands were shaken
    she was tryin to hold back the crys
    like somethin very valuable was takein

    She wouldnt tell me why she was so shaken
    she wouldnt even talk
    i asked her has someone been taken
    she still wouldnt talk

    She just sobbed
    As we arived at my place
    i felt like i was robbed
    the look on my mom face

    and hearin her crys
    i couldnt help
    the tears fallin from my eyes
    and i could tell
    someone in my family just died,

    I guess around nine
    two hours after i left
    my uncle was found lyin
    lungs with out a breath

    he died that night
    we didnt eve see it comin
    it couldnt be right
    that he died from somethin

    he went 3 months without
    tryin to stay clean
    so many freinds he threw out
    not cause they were mean

    but because they were addicted
    just like my uncle
    no one could have predicted
    time was up for my uncle

    He was only twenty three
    he had two kids
    he was the closets to me
    man the toys he would give

    the times he would share
    bringin me out for fun
    like the time at the fair
    rollercoasters under the sun


    I was asked to right a poem
    just for him
    without even knowin
    i picked up a pen

    I wrote

    As it says when life ends we will see the sight
    of golden gates shinning bright in the distant light

    As it says an angel will be there to held
    to find our way through the skys and clouds to heavens front gate


    No one knew ur time would come so soon
    but the memorie you left will help us get through
    the rough roads and times were about to face
    until me meet up again at the golden gates


    David Flannery

    My uncle


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