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    Is It True? Empty Is It True?

    Post  theIRISHFRIDGE on Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:31 pm

    jus a lil poem i wrote...

    Is it true, please tell me it’s not
    My baby girl did not just tell me it’s off
    It can’t be, please tell me I’m dreaming
    Please tell me I’ll wake up seconds from now screaming

    “Hello? says Keri
    “What does this letter mean? I replied
    Keri “John, I don’t wont to talk about it?
    “John I got to go?
    “Baby…just listen to me?

    “Please tell me you didn’t; just let it be a joke
    Please tell me these things on the paper you wrote
    Where lies all lies baby please let them be lies
    Remember all the thing that happened between you and I

    Remember those night’s that I held you in my arms
    And we looked at each other, and I called you my lucky charm
    Because whenever you were around me everything seemed right
    But know it doesn’t baby, it doesn’t seem right tonight?

    “John…just stop alright, I already feel like sh*t?
    John “I’m sorry Keri?
    “But I mean it john…I don’t think we should be together anymore?
    “Come on please…pick up?
    Ring…Ring… Ring… Ring…

    The next morning they found John dead with his head face first in the pillow, a bottle of pills on his night stand. There was only one left. There was a letter in his right pocket, it was to Keri.

    I tried to talk to you last night about the letter
    I wanted you to know that I was all better
    I spent my time in rehab, turning my life around
    I tried to tell you the things I found

    Like a new life, where I can be free and clean
    And spend more time with just you and me
    I wanted to bring you to top, and give you the world
    Just like that thing inside of you, our little baby girl

    The whole time in rehab I was thinking of names
    But it know hurts knowing that all you felt was ashamed
    Ashamed of me, and my selfish actions
    I just wanted to tell you I forgive you for what happened

    Baby I loved you but, but I guess it wasn’t enough

    By the way I thought about calling her:
    After her beautiful mother.

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